Thursday, March 30, 2006

Perception Exercise

Hi, guys! Thanks for your comments in my previous entry. I have received lots of slaps from Jher for announcing his singing prowess in the whole of blog nation! Break na kami. Joke! Sige, let's try something. This is a perception exercise which I use in my trainings on gender awareness, family planning, reproductive health, and HIV-AIDS. This entry was also made possible by Toni (Wifely Steps) who is a keen observer of life (thanks, toni! mwah!)

Instructions: Just describe the person on the picture in terms of: AGE, OCCUPATION, CIVIL STATUS, HOW MANY CHILDREN THEY HAVE, PERSONALITY (WHAT THEY ARE LIKE), SEXUAL ORIENTATION, and take it as far as WHAT STATE ARE THEY IN (ARE THEY SAD, HAPPY, ETC.) and WHY (story na ito). I'm gonna run this entry for 5 days, I'm gonna get back and process all your comments. You can be serious or as outrageous as you can be. Number your comments by number according to how the pictures are arranged, okay? Enjoy the experiment and have fun!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

How Do You Keep the Music Playing?

Important question to all my “involved and attached” blog friends out there: have you ever felt like your relationship with your husband/wife/lover/BF/GF has reached its saturation point? That it has gone from “wow” to “ho-hum”? If so, what keeps you together?

Well, Jher and I have tackled this question a number of times, openly discussing about our relationship “plateau-ing”. We’ve been together for 16 months now and I guess we’ve managed to get through this period of stagnation. (interstellar pause and naughtily stares at everyone)

So, the 64-million dollar question is: HOW we’ve done it? Well, spicing things up takes a lot of creativity and I will leave it to your imagination to simmer, brew, and cook something up. (giggles)

But do you know what’s the most interesting thing that keeps the proverbial flame burning that does not require leather straps, whips, edible underwear, and/or costumes for role-playing like construction worker, cop, or French maid? (oh, BTDT…been there, done that. Charoz! LOL!) Seriously, it’s discovering something new about your partner no matter how long you have been together. It’s that moment where you would say in amazement, “I didn’t know that!” that makes things a lot fluffier and rosier in your relationship…”The Moment”. For my babe, I thought I knew him well. However, he gave me The Moment when I discovered that he can DRAW! Samples are embedded in this entry. I was really surprised that I missed this very basic detail of him. I know he’s artistic (which is an understatement given the fact that he’s gay. LOL) but I did not know he could do sketches. Very Regine Velasquez my pangga!

Okay. Let me give you The Moment, as well. Did you know that my babe, Jher, is one hell of a SINGER? He can belt out “Half-Crazy” and James Ingram songs without effort and can do one hell of a rendition of “Bukas na Lang Kita Mamahalin” ala Lani Misalucha (of which he’s very famous for)! Moreover, if you could only hear him sing Patti Austin’s part in “How Do You Keep the Music Playing”, it will freak you out how uncanny the similarity of his voice to Patti Austin.

I guess mention of the song “How Do You Keep the Music Playing” segues to a synthesis of this entry. But more importantly, it is consistently discovering a new facet of each other that makes us anticipate each day for us to experience The Moment…which consequently keeps the music playing. (kilig)

Feel free to share your experiencing The Moment ha? Can’t wait…

Friday, March 17, 2006

The Dessert Factory and Larsian Nights - Two of My Best Memories of Cebu

Conference over, my documentation team kicked ass, me commended as session moderator...all's well that ends well! And my reward for the anxiety attacks and migraine events brought about by incompetent people and other behind-the-scenes harassment? A night of gluttony and pigging out at Larsian and The Dessert Factory.

Larsian - BBQ Haven

After a long search for and aborted purchase of shoes for Jher at Metro Gaisano in Ayala Mall, Nilda, Chellow, and I treated ourselves to grilled meat at Larsian. Imagine this: perfectly marinated wedges of pork and chicken legs grilled to perfection sealing its natural juices in...then put this mouth-watering thought side by side with a location...Imagine eating this sumptuous dinner--20 meters from the emergency room of a hospital, cars and jeepneys passing you by where you will actually ask, "which will kill me first: cholesterol from grilled pork or carbon monoxide from cars?"

I may sound aristocratic but let me assure you that the bliss you will encounter with that first bite of chicken or pork BBQ after anticipatingly waiting for your order to be served, is going to be forever etched in your mind...(pauses, mouth waters at the thought of yummy BBQ)

The Dessert Factory

I died and have gone to dessert heaven!!! After a hearty (euphemism for "construction worker appetite") meal at Larsian, we went back to Ayala and had dessert at THE DESSERT FACTORY. Our order:

Nilda's Order: Pistachio Ice Cream Cake
My Order: Peanut Butter and Banana Ice Cream Cake...(no words to describe this, you just have to try it)

My trip to THE DESSERT FACTORY actually reminded me of CALEA's, famous cafe and pastry shop in Bacolod (yuuuummm!)

With moments like these...I thank God for giving me the opportunity to travel. Be back tomorrow, guys. Haylabyu!

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Today's Highs and Lows

Ever watched "The Story of Us" starring Bruce Willis and Michelle Pfeiffer directed by Rob Reiner? Anyway, there's this day-ender-slash-ritual that their characters undergo to review the day and they call it "highs and lows". I thought of doing it.


I thought I've seen it all! Yes, I thought I have met all kinds of participants. I was wrong. I was session moderator for one of the parallel sessions in the PHE conference and I was very glad that we were on time. I was processing the results of the workshop, preparing to synthesis when this participant (middle-aged woman) raised her hand and said, "You are a very good and very dynamic facilitator...(pauses)...but WE REALLY HAVE TO GO. The bus is waiting for us." (mentally committing murder in the first degree) Syempre poise pa rin and said, "Okay, let's wrap this up by doing a rapid prioritization!" Natapos bigla, but I still got the required outputs.

Why is it my high? I just love how life surprises me by kicking me in the shin.


It's our 16th month together...and I'm not with my babe. (sniff) I love you! Let's go out on a date when I get back ha? Mishu mishu! Mwahmwah!


Monday, March 13, 2006

Off to Waterfront in Cebu...

Haay...flysung na naman ako to Cebu. It's the 2nd National Conference on Population, Health, and Environment (PHE) with the theme, Creating the Future. See you on Saturday, guys! Mwah!

If you want information about the conference, please visit


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Better Late Than Never - A Proposal to End this Squabble Over "What's Best for the Philippines"

I just read the open letter of my dear blog friend in his blogspot, "Out of My Mind" (click on my links). In fairness, he is now famous and a lot of people have admired and lambasted his now [in]famous entry. I salute you, my friend, for speaking up. I also salute those people who have spoken up to express whatever they feel about the Philippines. But I guess, the real question is: HAVE WE REALLY DONE ANYTHING TO MAKE THE PHILIPPINES BETTER AND GREAT AGAIN, ASIDE FROM EXERCISING OUR FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION AND ASSEMBLY? I guess that's where the real problem lies. All talk and no action. Blahblahblah. That's what's tiring. I want RESULTS, you sons of Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey in "Beaches"!!!

I am not a fan of current events eversince...much so nowadays. I don't even watch or read the news (I actually go for the Entertainment and Lifestyle Sections and segments). Its depressing and it derails me from my focus, which is do what I have to do to fill in the gap of implementation in programs and services that the government should have been providing in the first place, via my work. But then, I felt it got out of hand, when I heard from Jher that PGMA declared 1017. I was so nervous that day I wasnt able to eat and thoughts of tanks and machine guns polluted my highly creative imagination. I almost puked from anxiety. When I got home, I got to watch lots of "intelligent" people dissecting the constitutionality of the declaration, business people expressing confidence and disgust about how the situation was handled, leftists shouting "foul", senators and former political figures shouting "is this what we want??? another dictator???" , then the next day, there was an influx of articles and entries from the very powerful blogging nation. Then, Jher told me about the open letter in "Out of My Mind". Then...i sat down...processed everything...and came to a conclusion...


Even before this highly celebrated coup attempt, I always had the fantasy of PGMA making a surprise visit in the House and Senate and just saying, "you have a problem with me? let's get it over with, and then let's discuss how we can make the Philippines great again." Just like how Kevin Kline's characted did in the movie, DAVE. I always believe that anything is possible. So, taking off from my inference that there are lots of smart and intelligent Filipinos out there who have brilliant ideas to "save" the Philippines, I have come up with a proposal...

Here's what I propose to do. Why not have a 5-day workshop with representatives from all these smart and intelligent people with brilliant ideas. Someone just needs to harness these talents and brilliant ideas to make it matter. (Daldal nang daldal kasi, wala namang pinatutunguhan, mga leche talaga.) Who's this powerful person who can put these minds together? Well, I would love to volunteer (ALONG WITH 9 other brave souls with the talent and skill of objective facilitation). It's what I do, after all. I would love to get my hands on these smart and intelligent people with brilliant ideas and just...FACILITATE. I envision it to be attended by party representatives from the senate and the house (opposition and administration), the executive dept. (sana umupo si PGMA, it would be my dream to facilitate with her in the audience), leftists, representatives from the poor, from the farmers, students, medical field, business sector...MULTI-SECTORAL and MULTI-STAKEHOLDER in approach. Let's just finally discuss the issues face-to-face, and come up with A WORKABLE AND REALISTIC PLAN OF ACTION. Middle ground for everyone. Hmm...i like this idea. I hope it could happen.
THE CHALLENGE: Take this proposal seriously. Name the time and place. Enough of the provocation of thoughts by creating noise. IT IS NOW TIME FOR US TO GRAB OUR BALLS AND FOR SOME SERIOUS ACTION AND RESULTS. If we keep on just engaging on a barrage of shouts and cries, we'll just end up with no results, no progress, with a nasty sore throat and a very serious ear problem.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Continuation of..."Away from Jerome...and Flirting..."

Hi, blogfriends! I'm the office. Yes, straight from Cagayan de Oro, I went back to the office, to prepare for my departure for Cebu on Tuesday (yes, ah-gain...) Sus ginoo talaga! Para akong si Curacha, ang babaeng walang pahinga...

Anyway, I just wanted to continue why my previous blog elicits an illicit tone. It was meant to be that way, kasi I WAS FLIRTING on the net...pero with Jher pa rin (bakit may "pa rin", I sounded disappointed. hahahahaha!). Kidding aside, I was flirting with him on the webcam. Making faces, kissing the webcam, licking it, showing my penis (gasps)...of course not. (in a British accent) I am so appalled and flabbergasted that you'd thought of me as someone who would expose my privates. Horrible. Hahahaha! Anyway, I loved flirting with him over the webcam...made me thought of naughty things that would be realized this weekend (hopefully).

Have a weekend everyone! Mmmmmwaaah!


Jher, I saw the blog about the university jokes. Taga-lasalle ako ha. (long pause with eyes glaring) But since the jokes are obviously about lasalle taft, its okay coz I'm from lasalle-dasmarinas. (rolls in laughter)

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Away from Jerome...and Flirting...

O, mga nanlilimahid at punong-puno ng libag na pag-iisip! Bago gawan ng chismis, heto muna....

I'm in Cagayan de Oro as of this writing (2:40 p.m.). Pit stop for our journey towards Malaybalay City in Vukidnon ("V" talaga...). Anyway, I'm here at an internet shop in the Robinson-Limketkai chuvanes center with my work friend, Reno. We're waiting for our ride so we decided to surf.

While Reno chatted on mIRC (tama ba?), I decided to use the webcam on my yahoo messenger (ID: jcd2010). Would you believe its my first time to use a web cam? I was so amazed, I kept on looking at myself then back at the webcam just like those people in the mall passing by a video cam shop tapos nakahook ang video cam sa isang tv...pag nakita, kunyari hindi lilingon...uuuuy! Hahahahaha! Meron, babalik pa talaga. Haaay. I just love technology. Teka, tumawag na ang sundo namin. Bye! Enjoy! See you in 3 days.


Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Jetsetter Named Jerome Daclison

I am back! and I am sick! Pero I just needed to blog because I missed you all. Jher's by my side, taking care of me (actually, he's blogging din, making sure I won't collapse or whatever). Thanks for all of your messages. I truly love you all. I always look forward to the warmth and sincerity of your messages and your entries most of all. Okay, to answer Melai's question, eto na ang translation of my being a "superhero":

I work with a corporate-led NGO called the Phil. Business for Social Progress (PBSP) with offices in Intramuros, Cebu, Samar, Laoag, Leyte, and Davao. You can visit our website if you want: I am a Program Officer/Training Specialist under the Training and Consulting unit of PBSP. We handle different locally and internationally funded projects, two of which are USAID's Phil. Tuberculosis in the Private Sector (PhilTIPS) and Private Sector Mobilization for Family Planning (PRISM-FP). All the training components of all projects, I'm the guy...the gay guy. Hahahaha. Yes, my loves. All about workplace program installation on family planning, tuberculosis, reproductive health, hiv-aids, I am the guy. Kaya masyadong hectic. Would you believe, I wasnt able to even lay my eyes on the so-called "Fontana Water Park"? I stayed there for 4 days and my route was villa to training vene back to villa. THen I got sick on day 2 of our training. Had the fever but still, I got to take the lead in administering the case exercises and facilitate and run two major sessions. Yeah, kicked ass. Now, my body's kicking my ass. Anyway, nationwide because a lot of workplaces nationwide want to go on-board these projects. What we do is two levels of technical assistance: capability building and consultancy--all about program management, policy formulation, strategic plannning, training on the technology of participation (formerly TOT), and other TA needs.

This is my far. I'm having a blast. I just hope I could slow down a little bit just to enjoy the scenery that the places I visit can offer.

Ayan, I am slowly becoming three-dimensional to all of you. I'm glad. :-)


i'll be leaving for Bukidnon on Tuesday....hmph. sexual deprivation na naman leche....charoooooozzz!