Sunday, May 28, 2006

Men are.... (pause) Women are... (another pause)

First time I watched TROY yesterday and I was glued! (adamantly) No, not because of Brad Pitt's god-like body and ass that's smooth as a baby. I am not like that, you freakos! (pauses as everyone glares at me while crickets chirp) sige na nga...slight lang. Hmph. Anyway, I was so fascinated with the story line. What prevented me from watching it before was I listened to these people saying, "oh god. it was just about a war erupted because of Helen who wasnt even THAT beautiful". But watching it made me slap myself (oooww) for not being able to watch it on the big screen. It was fascinating to watch love, honor, courage unfold and unravel.

Although, what fascinated me more was the thought of...well, in the words of Odysseus, "women have a way complicating things." (maybe that's why I'm now batting for the other team? Hehehe!) I've been thinking about this pattern ever since Eve took that apple and poor Adam getting into trouble. Whoever coined the phrase, "behind every man's success is a woman" should be kicked in the nuts (or if it was a woman who said that, let's kick her in the...uuhh *scratches head*). Well, let's see the following examples, shall we?

Samson's doom was because of Delilah who cut his long, soft, beautiful ...more like tthhhhirty something hair

Ferdinand Marcos' downfall was due to his power hungry, Paris Hilton-esque shopaholic wife...oh I'm sorry, she did it for beauty nga pala daw and she wants all Filipinos to appreciate beauty...sorry po, madam!

Superman gave up his superpowers for his love over the beautiful, then-still-sane Lois Lane (whoa, it rhymed) which put the earth in great peril in the hands of the evil Zarcon and the guy with huge jaws and Liza Minnelli

Spiderman threw his spidey costume in an alley one dark, rainy night just to be with his woman and the world was in chaos in the hands of Dr. Octopus.

NOW, who said women are the weaker sex??? What does this tell us, men? But before we go into that, let's visit what Achilles (whose downfall was caused by him falling in love with the enemy's cousin, Briseis) told Briseis, "You changed me. You brought me peace."

So, depending on your take on all of this, you complete the title...

MEN are....
WOMEN are...

If you can add to the examples, please do.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Welcome Back, Everyone!

Hehehehe! Is it leik, buhligtahd? Nyahahahahaha! Alright, alright. No, I'm not on drugs and no there was no reported nitrous oxide leak in Laguna. I'm just happy that I am welcoming everyone back into my life. I missed you all! Heniway, here are some newsbits slash random thoughts:

The 600-Million Peso Proposal

Yep. This is the reason for my blog hibernation (ala Over the Hedge? Hihihihi!). Currently working on a huge project amounting to cha-cheeeng! 600-M php! Been working my ass off with our team for this 5-year project. Imagine, for the past week, meetings lasting up to 9 hours and two scheduled on a Saturday and double header meetings! Sigh. Hope we get the project. Fingers crossed!

The Da Vinci Code

Ugh. As you may have read in mah babe's blog, it was not as good as I thought it would be. (sort of reminded me of Schindler's List. Di ba?) The thought of the brouhaha behind it was even more exciting. Coming from someone who has not read the book, it was really below expectations. I'm tempted to make a review about the film but I won't. All I can say is, I was fascinated by the theories presented in the film. Hmm...I just had a great idea for a blog entry! Light bulb moment!

An Affair to Remember

My nth time to watch "An Affair to Remember" and still, I cried like hell! I had a thought last night which I mistakenly ran through Jher: wouldn't it be fascinating to experience to be confused over the one you're with and the one that you love? (Now...imagine Jher's reaction. Hahahahaha!)

Bridget Jones, Outstanding Librarian of the Year

Now, this section is all about books I am currently reading and those that I recently gave as a gift to someone. Let me start with the books that I have just finished and currently reading:

The Goddess Within

And speaking of women, I read all over again this little book called, THE GODDESS WITHIN. It contains lots of quotable quotes from women of all forms and stature. I'm gonna do a separate blog on this. Here's its introduction: "The goddess exists in every woman- she is , always has been, and always will be a vital presence in our world.Her spirit shines through the words and actions of theentire family of womanhood. Captured here in this wonderfully illustrated volume are inspiring thoughts fromtoday's brightest and boldest women. Read their words and let the inspiration flow."

Left Behind

The first book I read where I was literally shocked on the first 15 pages and just made me read through and finish. Jerry B. Jenkins and Tim LaHaye just made me think, IS THERE REALLY A "SECOND COMING"? The concept of being left behind scared the shit out of me. (oh crap. i cursed)

Books I gave:

Mothers and Sons

I gave my mom this book as a Mother's Day gift...with an inscription of course which made her cry and her friend cry even more because of its sweetness. I actually asked her to write something about her thoughts about our relationship. I told her if she does this, I'm gonna post it on my blog as an entry. Fingers crossed!

The Pilot's Wife

Bought Jher a book for his reading pleasure. Wala na sya mabasa eh. I was intrigued by the book's blurb and the fact that it made it to Oprah's Book Club. It explores the question: "How well do you know your partner?" Very appropriate to us! (laughs) Hope you enjoy the book, babe. Mwah! P.S. And of course, I bought Jher a hard-bound copy of "Bridget Jones's Diary". I lost the copy he lent to me. (buti nga kasi bigay ng ex nya...este, friend nya pala)

Well, that's it for the meantime. Oh, please wait for the next entry of "He Said, He Said". We're currently working on a better, kick-ass entry. We had a hard time deciding on the next entry. The "Lovers in the City of Pines" entry was a tough act to follow eh. Till then!

Acknowledgment: for the book covers

Monday, May 08, 2006

A Dry-run of Wifely Duties and Living Together

First time I spent the weekend alone with my babe at his place. My biyenan asked me if I could keep Jher company since she'll be out until the 3rd week of May. So, it was our opportunity to practice playing house. (giggles) So, I just want to share my feelings and experience.

Jerome's Log, Pre-dry run Activities

  • Prepared DVD's for entertainment
  • Brought DC comics compilation of "Watchmen" series (to keep husband entertained while I do my take-home work)
  • Menu for the next three days & three nights

Jerome's Log, Day 1

  • Woke up with Jher the first person I laid eyes on. (parang Fido Dido ang hair pag bagong gising)
  • Jher prepared coffee and peanut butter sandwiches while I consumed my first cigarette for the day (with Jher glaring and giving me a homily about the dangers of smoking and benefits of quitting...yada-yada-yada...damn, dry run is NOT looking great)
  • Jher ironed my denim pants while I prepared to leave for a workshop that I have to facilitate that morning (nakabawi kasi pinag-plantsa ako...hahahaha!)
  • Before I left, I gave myself a last look on the mirror and Jher gave finishing touches on my crookedly tucked shirt, hanky in my pocket...and of course, a GOODBYE KISS (giggles, loving the dry-run naaaa!)
  • During the workshop, Babe kept reminding me of things that I need to buy while he cleaned the house and washed the clothes (so wifely!)...and of course, I have the occasional text messages: NAKARATING KA NA BA, BABE? and MUSTA ANG WORKSHOP and MISS YOU ALREADY...(kilig)
  • After the workshop, on my agenda were to look for a replacement part for the electric fan and go to the market to buy stuff for dinner. Both failed attempts (Jher, 3 points; Jerome, 0 points *pouts*) Pero binili ko sya ng merienda in fairness (Jher, 3 points; Jerome, 1 point)
  • 5:00 p.m., we went to the market and bought ingredients for dinner and some for the next day. I prepared a kick-ass "oh my gulay" menu of chow-chow (Jerome, 10-million pogi points!).
  • After a sensational dinner, we watched tv until 11:30. And then.....
  • Cheh! Ang dudumi ng isip. I told him my life story until 2:00 a.m. Did you know that he got to know of the details of my life just last Saturday? Tsktsktsk...
Jerome's Log, Day 2

  • Woke up with him by my side...(Hmmmm...I could get used to this)
  • He prepared breakfast while I took out the meat from the freezer to thaw (so wifely...of both of na aketch. hahahaha!)
  • Now, I'm the captain coz its more of kitchen activities! Kaya sit down lang ang husband reading the DC comics while I prepared almondigas for lunch. Yum! (Jerome, 15,000 points!)
  • Watched CSI marathon...then siesta (enjoying it so far...)
  • Went to market to buy additional ingredients
  • Prepared Kenny Rogers-inspired dinner of spaghetti and meatballs, mashed potato, and fried chicken...(napa-yosi ang husband sa kabusugan kahit hindi nagyoyosi. hahahahaha!)
  • Watched HOSTAGE on Star Movies (na-tense kaming dalawa dun ha...)

Jerome's Log, Day 3 (today)

  • Babe woke me up at 5:30 a.m. (I had an early writeshop in Ortigas)
  • He prepared French toast and coffee...aaaawwww! Tsalap!
  • Left for work...armed with a goodbye kiss and a text message received 5-meters from his house saying: THANK YOU FOR SPENDING THE WEEKEND. I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU'LL EVER KNOW... (susme, kinilig daw talaga ako)

ALL I CAN SAY is: now I know why people get married or decide to live together...hmmmm (thinks about the successful dry-run while drumming fingers)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Launching of "He Said, He Said" - The Most Anticipated Blog of the Year (Charos!)

We have a new blog, my dearest friends! It is called HE SAID, HE SAID. It is a blog about Jerome and I, Jerome. Yup! We have the same first name, but VEEEEERRRY different views about anything and everything under the sun. We have exciting fights and violent squabbles but you know what the fun part is? How do we arrive at a compromise? That, my friends, is what you're gonna get by visiting our blog. You know?

(clears throat, glides at the back of a Chinese screen on centerstage, appears on the other side in tuxedo, hat, and cane....cue song with dance steps)

You say po-tey-to, I say po-tah-to. You say to-may-to, I say to-mah-to. Po-tey-to, po-tah-to, to-mey-to, to-mah-to. Let's call the whole thing off...

Yup, my luvah is the yin to my yang. We're like fire and rain, sugar and spice, Dharma and Greg...but as they say: OPPOSITES ATTRACT. Never argue with physics (winks)

Enjoy the ride and anticipate lots of intellectual tennis and e-violence, and of course...lots of LOVE... :-)