Monday, December 06, 2004

Let's Play, "What Does That Mean?"

It has been one hell of a month and I have gathered experiences that have generated some of the most hilarious moments that I shall always carry for the rest of my life. These are represented with the following lines that may be vague to you but carries a LOOOOT of meaning to me. No explanations, just let your imagination take you to unexplored heights and unfathomable depths. (smiles sweetly and naughtily at the same time)

(1) Your welcome….(intonation high on “your”, then drops at “welcome”)

(2) I just love my Bicol Express. It’s so hot—just the way I like it.

(3) Big One is bisexual.

(4) I swear! Eskinol Papaya Facial Scrub contains REAL papaya. Thanks KC Concepcion, my faith in truth in advertising has been restored.

(5) Don’t judge a building by its façade—take Aris Pension House as an example.

(6) I can’t believe that I have a knack for drilling holes.

(7) Western-Pacific in Batangas?

(8) Our strategy to promote TB is ENFU-DESEMENISHUN.

(9) So many cocks, so little time.

(10) I wanna learn the Cebuano dialect.

Have fun with interpretation. :-)


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