Sunday, December 05, 2004

Ang Patulera

My fellow-Aquarian, kumadre, and best gal pal, Nilda and I have developed a new sub-concept of bitchiness: the PATULERA. The patulera (and patulero) exhibits wit and sarcasm of a true blue bitch and reacts to any situation so long there is an opening to bring out the natural patulera diva in you.

Etymological derivation:

Patol – A Tagalog term which mean “you make patol someone” (colloquial daw c/o Dylan)

-era – A suffix which means “female” (-ero for “males”)

Illustrative Example 1:

We were in a bar/restaurant in Panglao Island, browsing through a menu.

Eric: Anong gusto mong drinks?
Nilda: Basta ako, buko juice. (turns to waiter) Baka naman ten years yan bago ko makuha ang buko juice ha?
Waiter: (points at buko tree) Gusto nyo ngayon ko na ibigay? Aakyat lang naman ako eh.
Me: Wow! Patulero!

Illustrative Example 2:

Waiting for my order in Jollibee by the Cashier.

Crew: Sir, serve ko na lang ang meat FIE nyo.
Me: Ah, okay. FAKI-samahan na din ng FINEAFFLE juice.

(Patulera extraordinaire)

Let the patuleros and patuleras rule…


At 4:21 PM, Blogger she said...

Wow. I think being a patulero or patulera is a SKILL man! Nobody does it better than you AQUARIANS.hehe. Kaya nga tayo nagsama-sama sa TB team di ba? Pero mas malupit kayong dalawa! :)


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