Friday, January 13, 2006

I'm Sorry Dear Bridget...

I'm sure you will be surprised to see this, as it is the place least likely for me to express how deeply sorry I am for the things I have said.

How sad that this post comes after a very loving entry. But it goes to show that ours is not a perfect relationship.

Again my love, I am very sorry. Blame it on the full moon, on my being a Cancerian and a hot-headed arse, or my headache. But I know in the end it is still my fault.

Sorry readers, I know this is too personal, but I have to exhaust all means! I hope you'll understand.


At 7:46 PM, Blogger BongA said...

Sana mapatawad ka na. hehehe. If not, you can always do that creepy but extremely moving scene from a movie whose title I have long forgotten - the guy stands forlorn under her window with a boom box that was playing a sad song - awwww. Or you can climb fences. hahaha. Good luck!


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